Top 5 Tips on Creating a Popup Brands Listing That Works

At Popup Brands, we aim to build a retail community of those passionate about creating amazing short term or popup retail experiences. We’re here for the people who bring their brand vision to life in a physical shop and support one another to achieve mutual success.

How Popup Brands works

Brands create profiles on our site to connect with people like you (space owners) and their spaces.

These brands use Popup Brands to efficiently search through thousands of listings out there to find a short-term retail space that suits them.

So as a listing owner, it’s important to show your space to its best advantage.

Creating a profile is easy

Creating a successful Popup Brands profile is important to engage and build relationships with the brands considering renting your space.

Like any marketing, creating a good impression is vital to gain repeat business and recommendations to others. Making it easy and being a pleasure to deal with makes a big difference. Here are 5 ways you can improve your Popup Brands profile to create a listing that works:

Here are 5 ways you can improve your Popup Brands profile to create a listing that works:

1. Personalizing Your Profile

Create your profile

It’s hard to get to know someone through a computer screen or visualise a space. This is where building your profile matters. There are two profile options; your personal profile where brands can get a better idea of you, and a listing profile where brands get to know your space. Filling out all sections of both profiles gives brands more information to decide that you and your space, are right for them.

2. Updating Your Calendar

There is a side bar on every listing that lets brands know what dates your retail space is available for lease. When brands send a booking enquiry about certain “available” in your calendar, they expect the dates to be in fact, available. If the dates are incorrect and the space isn’t available, brands will get frustrated, and look elsewhere… permanently.

Update your calendar

3. Enticing brands

When get an enquiry, respond promptly. This lets the inquirer decide if your space is right for them fast or ask you more questions via the chat facility. Help them as much as you can to make their pop-up shop a success – they may return the favour. Thank them for renting with you, or for their recommendation. Most importantly, let them know you hope to work with them again in the future. Complements on their pop-up never go unnoticed.

4. Pictures speak 1000 words

Blurred or dark pics lower the interest of brands and lesson your chance of a booking. Take high quality shots to showcase your pop-up shop space. Take lots of photos – especially of unique features of your space. Remember, the brand – your potential tenant – could interstate. Help them to visualise your space from every angle – including the location and neighbourhood.

good photography

5. Amenities that Matter 

Select the facilities and amenities that the brand can truly use. These include tables for merchandise and wifi access – go into detail. You’ll be amazed what brands are looking for. Prioritize what makes your space unique from other listings, and highlight how it can work to make a potential renter’s pop-up shop a success.


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