Have you ever thought of co-sharing a commercial space with a pop-up?

By: Marianella – Pop-up Brands

Chameleon spaces:
Extending the utility of a space by hosting multiple businesses. Pop-up Brands is exited about the possibilities on how businesses can coshare a space. For example a coffee shop by day and a pop-up bar in the evening.

A pop-up is not just for retail.
There are innovative ways start-ups and businesses are thinking in using multi-channel marketing options to test a market or for building a deeper relationship with their customers.

Finding a pop-up space has not been easy. Now we find ourselves getting more property developers and shopping centres coming on board by listing their pop-up spaces.

Cosharing a commercial space.
A new growing group are entrepreneurial individual commercial operators are looking to co-share their commercial space with a complimentary service in a pop-up style.

In the last couple of months, customers are coming to www.popupbrandshq.com asking for pop-up commercial spaces where they can co-share with others, who would have thought the power of collaborative consumption would also flourish in the commercial industry?.

In the video, Ivan Gordon from Manly, NSW speaks candidly about his experience with co-sharing and the things you need to take into account if you are thinking in co-sharing a commercial space with someone else.

List your commercial space
List your commercial space with popupbrandshq.com and let others find you the easy way. It’s easy. Just create an account.

All inquiries come straight to you and you’ll be able to contact each prospective space seeker directly.

This gives you complete control over the content of your listing – including the price and images.

Successful pop-up/takeovers case study:
In the meantime, why not read more about other successful case studies from co-sharing pop-up entrepreneurs like the team from recently nominated “Australian Small Bar of the Year 2011 Miss Marley’s” & Tequila Tromba of Mexico.