Fake bags. Real pop-up insights.

We saw some nifty use of short-term space in Barcelona recently, but nothing beat the fake designer bag sellers. These guys are at the end of the long criminal chain but anyone planning a pop-up can learn from them.

They go to right to their customers. Groups of 4-6 spread their dodgy wares on high traffic sidewalks. Shopping centres, monuments and other tourist attractions preferred. Ropes link the corners of a display blanket that can be twitched together like a mad transvestite’s parachute and shouldered for a speedy getaway.

Police swarm downtown Barcelona to protect the herds of tourists grazing down La Ramblas from pickpockets – and each other after a few sangrias.

Being tall and twitchy, the bag guys stand out, so they have to be pretty swift on their toes. Heads swivelling like praying mantis for cops and customers, they’re ready to run then pop-up again a few hundred metres away. (You can see how happy this guy was to get his picture taken too).

Legality and ethics aside, it’s the ultimate example of pop-up thinking; combining a short-term location with desirable products and high foot traffic.

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